bigstock_pouring_fresh_tea__1745053 Today I had a really nice hot cup of tea! It really made my day! Take it from me, if its great, it is one of the best, as I come from the land of tea and love my tea! I don’t usually buy a cup of tea at a cafe because I can make the best at home! But today was an extremely cold day and I needed a hot drink with my sandwich during lunch hour. So I bought this cup of tea and enjoyed it. The price wasn’t too costly either compared to the takeaway foam cup with a tea bag dunked in which tasted like boiled water with milk and sugar!

Techniques for making a good pot of tea are simple.  The water has to be boiled to the right temperature. The tea leaves are measured out into the tea pot, usually one teaspoon per person and one for the teapot. The boiled water is poured in slowly. Cover and allow the tea to brew for a few minutes or longer, depending on the tea leaves used. Usually the tiny leaves can be brewed for a few minutes, but the bigger tea leaves would need about 10-15 mins to brew. Cover the tea pot with a tea cosy, or else it will get cold. There are a variety of tea pots that can retain the heat for longer periods.

A well brewed cup of tea does not contain too much milk and sugar as the flavor can get lost.