club-sandwich_2988403Lent is here! I have been thinking about what to give up for Lent. For many years I have given up eating chocolates. It has worked! Mind you the temptation starts just before Lent for me, I crave chocolate! And then I think to myself of people in poor countries where they never have chocolate at all and do we really need these luxuries in life? Lent is a good time to take stock of your life and get into a strict regime. Some people fast or abstain from meat, give up watching TV, drinking excess, smoking, etc. Those are positive steps to improve your life. How do you fill in that time? Maybe read spiritual books or meditate on the scriptures, pray, exercise, walking. I have read somewhere people are clearing the junk from their houses – 40 days of clearing junk! People are making a very big effort to simplify their lives!

I had a thought today! Why not give up buying Take Out food every day for lunch! That is a big ask, a big effort! Why be extravagant and pay extra $ for food! Keep it simple!

Think of the $ you will save if for the next 6 weeks you have home made lunches and dinners. After all you go to the grocery store, spend the time and energy and $ to shop for your family at home. Why not add a few extra foods to your shopping trolley to prepare for work or school?

Here is an idea…

The day before you do your grocery shopping, make a list for the next week of all the homemade lunches you can prepare, so that when you shop you can add those extra items in. Ask the family what they would like to make the decision making easier for you!

Here are a few suggestions …

  • Curried egg sandwiches with chopped celery. Cook up a batch of eggs, mash, mix with a little curry powder, salt/pepper, finely chopped celery, or avocado, add some mayonnaise and butter.  I have added some sundried tomatoes with this mix which is delicious!
  • Slices of cheese and pickled gherkins
  • Ham and Tomato with chutney or with coleslaw
  • Shredded chicken with coleslaw or mashed avocado
  • Bacon, lettuce and Tomato
  • Meatloaf slices with chutney
  • Tandoori chicken with lettuce, cucumber
  • Bake muffins to add as a special daily treat

Another good idea, is to make a roast on the weekend and save some leftover meat for sandwiches. I also use the leftover roasted veggies as well.

Make sure to include pieces of fruit for each day, for morning teas and lunch as well.

You save $ money, eat healthy food and you’re giving up something for Lent!

~ Mary